Journey to be a Minimalist (Maybe)

Why did I open up my cowgirl chic closet to the public? .

I thought that it would eliminate the feeling of “I have nothing to wear when I go somewhere; but, I can’t even walk into my walk in closet.” I have gotten rid of about fifty percent of my apparel and shoes/boots; but, I still have a long ways to go to becoming a minimalist. My other issue, I don’t like wearing the same things over and over again. Why? I really do not know. I will have to get over this feeling if I am to become a minimalist or I will just have to keep my closet open to you all.

Steps I follow

I typically go through my closet once a month and pick out what can be donated due to the fact I just can’t see myself wearing again. Then I go through it again and pick out the items that I loved to wear in the past’ but, I am just tired of wearing it or it no longer gives me the wow factor. Those items I list to the public. The items I donate I always make sure they are clean and free of stains and tears. If they are stained or torn I just through them away. The items that I list I also make sure they are clean, stain free, and no tears. Wrinkle free is also a plus. I then take pictures of them on a mannequin. I make sure I have all measurements and post with as much detail as possible. This eliminates any hassles pre sale and also a clean sale so I obtain an excellent rating.

Hard To Part With

Selling my apparel has been easier than my shoes/boots. I seem to have an attachment to my footwear. The footwear I do have does not seem to go out of style as quickly as the apparel does. In fact I have a pair of cowboy boots that I have owned for thirty years and still wear them on occasion. Every girl needs a pair of red cowboy boots! Maybe a pair of cowboy boots in every color. I do have them on shelf in a room on display. It makes for a great conversation piece.

New To You

Second hand clothing has grown in popularity over the past few years and is set to climb even higher. According to Forbes, if you’re an off-price retailer, what should you worry about? Here’s one thing that off-price retailers are not preparing for: Secondhand stores. Online businesses and many others are attracting consumers from many other channels. But the value proposition they offer is more like off-price than any other retail channel. The experience they offer is also more like off-price than any other channel too, it’s an online version of the hunt for great stuff. The hunt is what’s so fun about going to an off-price retailer for many consumers and that’s what fun is about secondhand, too. Find other insightful information from this article at .

Second Hand Facts

According to Fashion United, the reasons are easy to identify according to Kroke: “Today, consumers buy more clothing than ever before, on average 60 pieces of clothing per year. According to a McKinsey study, between 2002 and 2015 the quantity of clothing and accessories sold almost doubled. Yet 40 percent of clothing is never, or only rarely, worn. Therefore quite a lot gathers in wardrobes at home.” Selling unwanted clothes creates space in the wardrobe and the financial means to buy something new, therefore, the second-hand market also drives the regular market.

In the past, second-hand goods were bought for primarily financial or ecological reasons, whereas today its popularity has reached all members or society. “Pre-loved fashion,” as second-hand goods are now being called, emphasizes that clothing is not disposable and can be treasured by someone else. To see how other countries are trending to second hand clothing check out .

For me personally there is an art to buying and selling second hand clothing. The clothing that I purchase second hand has never been worn or only worn once or twice. It still looks brand new straight off the rack. So why not take advantage of the price that I am getting these pieces for as I only wear them a hand full of times and then turn around and sell them to you for even a more drastically reduced price. It is a win for all of us in my book. Sometimes I even purchase an article of clothing with the tags still attached. I hang it in my closet and forget about it until I accidently stumble across it again. Then I sell it to you at another discounted price just so I don’t have to see again.

Do remember to check back often as I am now going through my closet on regular bases to clean it out and make room for more bargains for you.

Until Next Time remember to Spark Your Passion for Life with CBD, Essential Oils, and Apparel!


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